Reasoning Aptitude Verbal GK Quiz

Coding and Decoding questions:

41) If GUN is coded as HVO. find the code for PEN.

a. QFO

b. CDP

c. RST

d. NOT

Answer:a. QFO


To find the code for "PEN" based on the given coding scheme (GUN → HVO), you can apply the same pattern to each letter:

  • G → H (Move one letter forward in the alphabet)
  • U → V (Move one letter forward in the alphabet)
  • N → O (Move one letter forward in the alphabet)

Applying this pattern to "PEN":

  • P → Q (Move one letter forward in the alphabet)
  • E → F (Move one letter forward in the alphabet)
  • N → O (Move one letter forward in the alphabet)

So, according to the given coding scheme, "PEN" is coded as "QFO."

42) In a code language 35796 is written as 44887. Find the code for 46823.

a. 7549993

b. 7559913

c. 55914

d. 7555913

Answer:C. 55914


To find the code for 46823 based on the given coding scheme (35796 → 44887), we can analyze the pattern. Let's look at each digit individually:

  • 3 → 4 (Increment by 1)
  • 5 → 4 (Decrement by 1)
  • 7 → 8 (Increment by 1)
  • 9 → 8 (Decrement by 1)
  • 6 → 7 (Increment by 1)

Applying this pattern to 46823:

  • 4 → 5 (Increment by 1)
  • 6 → 5 (Decrement by 1)
  • 8 → 9 (Increment by 1)
  • 2 → 1 (Decrement by 1)
  • 3 → 4 (Increment by 1)

So, according to the given coding scheme, 46823 is coded as 55914.

43)If BOY is coded as ACNPXZ. What will be the code for LIFE?




d. None of these

Answer:a. KMHJEGDF

Explanation: B = AC It means original letters can be inserted in
O = NP between the two coded letters Y=XZ
So L=KM,
I=HJ ,
and E = DF.

44)If SISTER is coded as 535301, UNCLE is coded as 84670 and BOY is coded as 129. Find the code word for SON ?

a. 524

b. 923

c. 872

d. 361

Answer:b. 61

Explanation: S I S T E R        U N C L E
5 3 5 3 0 1        8 4 6 7 0
B O Y        S O N
1 2 9        5 2 4

45)Fill in the blank with suitable figures.
S 16 10 V
L 28 20 P
F __ __ J

a. 30, 38

b. 38, 40

c. 38, 30

d. 40, 32

Answer:c. 38, 30

Explanation: The difference between S and Lis
6 x 2 = 12 + 16 = 28
. The difference between L and F is
5 x 2 = 10 + 28 = 38
The difference between V and P is
5 x 2 = 10 + 10 = 20
and the difference between P and J is also 5 x 2 = 10 + 20 = 30.

46)In a certain code Language 134 means good and tasty 478 means see good picture 729 means picture are faint Which number has been used here for faint?

a. 9

b. 2

c. data are inadequate

d. 7

Answer:c. data are inadequate

Explanation: 4= good
7 = Picture
and 2 and 9 = are and faint respectively.

47)In a code language COME is coded as XLNV. Find the code for CAT ?

a. XZG

b. CMW

c. YMN

d. XWG

Answer:c. YMN

Explanation: X V       N L I I       I I ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ It means C = X or third from left and III from right and O = L or 15th from left and 15th from right. M = N or 13th from left and 13th from right, E = V or th from left and Vth from right.

48)In a certain language, if WRONG is coded as GNORW then how will RIGHT be coded:




d. None of the above

Answer:c. GHIRT

Explanation: If you observe carefully then the coded word GNORW has same letters as in the original word. So, if we go by elimination method then option b is eliminated here itself. Now if we look at the pattern of coding, it can be observed that all the letters of WRONG are arranged in Ascending Order. So, in the same way, RIGHT will be coded as GHIRT. There can be same type of question asked but instead of ascending, the words can be in descending order.

49) If MOUSE is coded as ONUFT, then CLOCK will be coded as





Answer:a. MDOLD

Explanation: Grouping. So here grouping of letters is done. First 2 letters- M and O are grouped and last 2 letters S and E are grouped. After grouping, +1 is added and the position of the letters is interchanged. Like in MO group, +1 is added so the result will be NP and then the letters are interchanged and so the result for 1st group will be PN. Same for the second group and the middle odd letter is as it is.

50) In a certain language, CAP is coded as 66, how will PEN be coded

a. 40

b. 66

c. 80

d. 46

Answer:d. 46

Explanation: This is an interesting question and you will often get confuse. Because even if you try to add the numeric value you won’t get the answer. But here reverse numeric value concept is used. So, in this question the reverse numeric values are considered and added. C=24, A=26, P=11. 24+26+11=61 and the same logic for PEN. P=11, E=22 and N=13. Answer=46