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Reasoning Coding and decoding

Coding and decoding are used in defence service and any other service for secret message.In coding a word is coded by various pattern.

Coding and decoding is easy to learn - You will enjoy it.

Coding and decoding is classified in three types:

  1. Jumbled pattern
  2. Substitution pattern
  3. Shifting pattern

Jumbled pattern

In jumbled pattern the word are in specific pattern, that pattern should be applied to other words.

Ex: In a certain code language CRICKET is coded as TEKCIRC. How is THEATRE coded in that language?





Answer:2) ERTAEHT


Substitution pattern

In Substitution pattern the word is substituted by a letter or number.

In a certain code “APPLE” is coded as 23125, “LAP” is coded as 312, “CAP” is coded as 214 then “LEAP” = ?

1) 3513

2) 3512

3) 3516

4) 3515

Answer: 2) 3512

Explanation: In APPLE , P is repeated twice . So P = 2 . In the above three words 'A' is common , so A = 1. In LAP, A = 1 and P = 2, so L = 3. In APPLE , P = 2, A = 1, L = 3, then E = 5. So LEAP can be coded as 3512.

Shifting Pattern

In shifting pattern every letter is written as another letter following a definite patterns.

Normal shifting pattern: in this pattern the letter of the word following a unique shifting pattern.

Ex: In a certain code language PURPOSE is coded as OVQQNTD. How is PATTERN coded in the language.






Explanation: Here, every alternative starting from first letter is shifted one place and every alternative letter starting from the second letter is shifted one place forward.