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Reasoning Seating Arrangement

We have seen so many struggling for solve seating arrangement problem.

To solve the seating arrangement problem correctly and quickly you just remember these tips specified bellow.

Basically there are mainly three models in seating arrangement i.e

  1. Row Arrangement
  2. Circular Arrangement
  3. Rectangular Arrangement

  NOTE:No matter what is the question, these points are very helpful to solve the question

  Read the entire puzzle and understand the statements correctly.

  Identified the statements that give definite information.

Row Arrangement

Person seating in a row



There are 5 persons named A,B,C,D,E

  1. D is not neighbor of C
  2. A is left of C
  3. C is second right of B

who is at the end ?


First we search for definite statement

D is not neighbor of C that means they can’t be together

A is left of C means A placed just left of C i.e A C

C is second right of B i.e B A C

As D is not neighbor of C so E is placed right to C i.e B A C E D

Circular Arrangement

This can be solved in two ways

Facing center:

Towards left take clockwise direction.

Towards right take anti clockwise direction.

Facing outside:

Towards left take anti clockwise direction.

Towards right take clockwise direction.

Rectangular Arrangement

Rule same like circular arrangement