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Reasoning Blood Relation

In Blood relation, questions which are arise depend upon Relation.

So before going to solve such kind of question you should have a sound knowledge about relation.

In Blood relation ,a chain relationships is given in the form of information. So to solve the problem of Blood relation we have to find relationship between any two persons.

To solving such kind of problem the below Relationship chat is very helpful.

Relationship Relationship Name
Mother's or Father's son Brother
Mother's or Father's Daughter Sister
Child of Mother's or Father's Sibling
Mother's or Father's brother Uncel
Mother's or Father's sister Aunt
Mother's or Father's mother Grand Mother
Mother's or Father's father Grand Father
Grandmother's or Grandfather's brother Grand Uncel
Grandmother's or Grandfather's sister Grand Aunt
Son's wife Daughter in law
Daughter's husband son in law
Brother's wife Sister in law
Sister's husband Brother in law
Husband's or wife's Sister Sister in law
Husband's or wife's brother Brother in law
Sister's or Brother's Son Nephew
Sister's or Brother's daughter Niece
Uncel's or Aunt's Son Cousin
Uncel's or Aunt's daughter Cousin
Son's or Daughter's daughter Grand Daughter
Son's or Daughter's son Grand son
Husband or wife Spouse

Easy Tricks:

For solving the Blood relation question the easy method is first draw a family tree.
Step for family tree:


Draw a square box for a male and mark it by giving a single line.

Example: If A is a male,then draw it as

male image

Draw a square box for a female and mark it by giving a double line.

Example: If B is a female,then draw it as



If we do not know whether C is male or female.then simple write C.


Example-If B is the daughter of A,then draw it as



Draw a vertical arrow to represent the brother sister relationship.

Example: If B is a sister of A,then draw



Draw horizontal line to represent Husband wife relationship and draw them in a box.

Example:If A is the husband of B,then


Some confusing terms are arise when we solve the blood relation question these are:

Relationship Relationship Name
Mother's husband father
Father's wife Mother
Father's or Mother's Son Himself or Brother
Father's or Mother's Daughter Herself or Sister
Father's or Mother's only child Himself or Herself
Brother's or sister's only siblings Himself or Herself
Sister's or Brother's Father Father
Sister's or Brother's Mother Mother