Reasoning Aptitude Verbal GK Quiz

Blood relation question and answer

In a family of 7 persons, there are only 3 females and three married couples. Each child has both the parents alive. The family members – A,B,C,D,E,F and G spent certain amounts in a month.

B is the only son of G, who spent the third highest amount. A is not a female and spent an amount just lower than D’s husband. C is the father of two children of different genders one of them is D. E’s mother-in-law was the third highest spender. F is the aunt of A and spent the highest amount. The spendings of E were just lower than A’s uncle, who spent the fourth highest amount. C spent Rs. 4500, which is the second highest amount to be spent.

1. How is the second highest spender related to the second lowest spender?

A) Father

B) Maternal grandfather

C) Paternal Uncle

D) Can't be determined

Answer:B) Maternal grandfather


The second highest spender (C) is the maternal grandfather of the second lowest spender (A). Hence option B is correct.

2. What could be the possible amount of expenditure done by F?

A) Rs. 3200

B) Rs. 4050

C) Rs. 4550

D) Rs. 4200

Answer:C) Rs. 4550


The possible expenditure by F could be Rs. 4550 Hence option C is correct.

3. If G's son spent Rs. 2450, then what could be the possible amount spent by G?

A) Rs. 1450

B) Rs. 3250

C) Rs. 2240

D) Rs. 190

Answer:B) Rs. 3250


If G's son spent Rs. 2450 then the possible amount spent by G is Rs. 3250. Hence option B is correct.

4. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and thus form a group. Which of the following does not belong to the group?

A) E

B) G

C) B

D) C

Answer:B) G


G is the odd one out as rest are male members. Hence option E is correct.

5. How is the lowest spender related to the highest spender?

A) Sister-in-law

B) Wife

C) Daughter

D) Daughter-in-law

Answer:A) Sister-in-law


The lowest spender is the sister-in-law of the highest spender. Hence option A is correct.