Blood Relation Question with Answer

1. How is my father's brother's father's daughter's child is related to me ?

A) Sister
B) Nephew
C) Cousin
D) Father

Answer:C) Cousin


Father's brother= Uncle , Uncle's father=Grandfather
Grandfather daughter= Aunty
Aunty son/daughter=Cousin

2. How is my father's mother's only child's son's mother related to my father ?

A) Sister
B) Mother
C) Grandmother
D) Wife

Answer: D) Wife


Father's mother=Grandmother,
Grandmother only one child=Father
Father's son=me
My mother related to my father=Wife

3. X's father's wife's father's granddaughter's uncle will be related to X as ?

A) Grandfather
B) Nephew
C) Uncle
D) Son

Answer:C) Uncle


X father wife means X mother
Mother's father=Grandfather,
Grandfather one Granddaughter =Cousin
Cousin uncle means my Uncle.

4. What is my mother's husband's father-in-laws son's daughter related to me ?

A) Cousin
B) Sister
C) Aunt
D) Niece

Answer: A) Cousin


Mother's husband father=Grandfather,
Grandfather son's=Uncle
Uncle's daughter=Cousin

5. What is my father's wife's grandfather's only child's son's daughter related to me ?

A) Cousin
B) Sister
C) Aunt
D) Niece

Answer: A) Cousin


My father's wife=My mother,
Mother grandfather means my grand grandfather ,
Grand father one child=Grandfather/Grandmother, Grandfather/Grandmother one son's =Uncle
Uncle one daughter=Cousin

6. How is my mother's sister's brother's wife's child related to me ?

A) Brother
B) Uncle
C) Cousin
D) Nephew

Answer: C) Cousin


My mother's sister=Aunty
Aunty' s Brother=Uncle
Uncle's wife=Aunty
Aunty' s Child=Cousin

7. A is the uncle of B. C is the wife of B. They have a son D-whose sister is E. What is A to E ?

A) Uncle
B) Brother
C) Granduncle
D) Father

Answer: C) Granduncle


B's uncle=A
B's wife=C
B and C's Son=D
D's Sister =E
So A is the grand uncle of "E".

8. How is my mother's brother's only sibling related to me ?

A) Mother
B) Aunt
C) Niece
D) Either 1 or 2

Answer: A) Mother


My mother's brother=Uncle
Uncle's only sibling=Mother
So answer is Mother.

9. How is my sister's husband's mother-in-law's mother's only son-in-law is related to me ?

A) Father
B) Nephew
C) Grandson
D) Uncle

Answer: A) Father


My sister's husband=Brother in law
Brother in law's mother in law=Mother
Mother's mother-grand mother
Grandmother's only son in law=Father

10. C is brother of A,B is daughter of A,E is the sister of C and D is the brother of B. Who is the uncle of D ?

A) A
B) B
C) C
D) D

Answer: A) A


A's brother=C
A's daughter=B
C's Sister=E
A and C are two brothers and they have only one sister "E".
B's brother=D
'B' and 'D' are the children of A.
So 'C' is the uncle 'D'.