Reasoning Aptitude Verbal GK Quiz

Direction Sense Question And Answer

Six children are playing Hide & Seek in a park and were standing at different positions such that P is 9 m towards the north of T. Q is 4 m to the west of O, who is 12m to the east of T. U is 6 m to the south of Q. R is 3 m to the north of O. Then few of them moved and their new positions are denoted by adding ( ` ) to their respective names. P moved 5m towards east. O moved 3 m towards the east. Q moved 5 m towards the north.

1. What is the shortest distance between T and U ?

A) 9m

B) 11m

C) 10m

D) 15m

E) None of these

Answer:C) 10m


The shortest distance between T and U using Pythagoras theorem is 10m.
Hence option C is correct.

2. Find the distance between Q and O`?

A) 7m

B) 5m

C) 6m

D) 9m

E) None of these

Answer:A) 7km


The distance between Q and O` is 7m.
Hence option A is correct.

3.Who among the following is in north-east of U?
  1. P
  2. O
  3. R

A) Only I

B) Only II and III

C) Only I and II

D) Only III

E) All of the above

Answer:B) Only II and III


Only O and R are towards the north-east of U.
Hence option B is correct.

4. T is in which direction and how much far from O`?

A) 12m, West

B) 15m, East

C) 10m, North-west

D) 15m, West

E) None of these

Answer:D) 10km


T is 15m towards west of O`.
Hence option D is correct.

5.Find Q is in which direction from P?

A) South

B) South-east

C) North-west

D) South-west

E) None of these

Answer:B) South-east


Q is in south-east of P`.
Hence option B is correct.