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Aptitude Percentages

We use percentages in our daily life like for commercial work, getting the percentages of exam mark, for discount of a product, etc.

  When we say "Percent" it means we are saying "per 100"

  The symbol of percentages is "%" .

  Suppose we are saying 50% it means 50 per 100.

  Suppose we are saying 25% it means 25 per 100.

A Percent can also be expressed as a Decimal or a Fraction

For example, the fraction 25/100 is written as 25%, and read as "25 percent".

To convert a decimal to a Percentage:

The decimal should first be expressed as a fraction.Consider the following examples:

Suppose we have to convert 0.05 decimal number to percentages then, first expressed as fraction we find 5/100.Then expressed as percentages we get 5%.

Fractional equivalent of important percentages :