How to create table in database-SQL

For create a table in a database the CREATE TABLE statement is used.

Syntax for create a table in database

CREATE TABLE table_name
column_name1 data_type(size),
column_name2 data_type(size),

For create a table three parameter is used

The column_name parameters specify the names of the columns of the table.

The data_type parameter specifies what type of data the column can hold (e.g. varchar, integer, decimal, date, etc.).

The data_type parameter specifies the length of the column.


ID int,
LastName varchar(50),
FirstName varchar(50),
RollNo varchar(50),
Address varchar(50),
City varchar(50)

Here Student is the table name and LastName, FirstName, RollNo, Address, City is name of the column.

Varchar is a data type and the maximum length of this field are 50 character.

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