JSP Page Directive

JSP directives are used to give messages that tells the web container how to translate a JSP page into the corresponding servlet.

Syntax of JSP Directive

<<%@ directive attribute="value" %>

There are three types of directives:

  • page directive
  • include directive
  • taglib directive

Page Directive with Example

The page directive is used to defines attributes that apply to an entire JSP page.

You can code page directives anywhere in your JSP page.

Syntax of JSP page Directive

<%@ page attribute="value" %>

Attributes of JSP page directive

  • import
  • contentType
  • extends
  • info
  • buffer
  • language
  • isELIgnored
  • isThreadSafe
  • autoFlush
  • session
  • pageEncoding
  • errorPage
  • isErrorPage

  • .