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FPDF invoice Tutorial


/*call the FPDF library*/

/*A4 width : 219mm*/

$pdf = new FPDF('P','mm','A4');

/*output the result*/

/*set font to arial, bold, 14pt*/

/*Cell(width , height , text , border , end line , [align] )*/

$pdf->Cell(71 ,10,'',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(59 ,5,'Invoice',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(59 ,10,'',0,1);

$pdf->Cell(71 ,5,'WET',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(59 ,5,'',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(59 ,5,'Details',0,1);


$pdf->Cell(130 ,5,'Near DAV',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(25 ,5,'Customer ID:',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(34 ,5,'0012',0,1);

$pdf->Cell(130 ,5,'Delhi, 751001',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(25 ,5,'Invoice Date:',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(34 ,5,'12th Jan 2019',0,1);
$pdf->Cell(130 ,5,'',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(25 ,5,'Invoice No:',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(34 ,5,'ORD001',0,1);

$pdf->Cell(130 ,5,'Bill To',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(59 ,5,'',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(189 ,10,'',0,1);

$pdf->Cell(50 ,10,'',0,1);

/*Heading Of the table*/
$pdf->Cell(10 ,6,'Sl',1,0,'C');
$pdf->Cell(80 ,6,'Description',1,0,'C');
$pdf->Cell(23 ,6,'Qty',1,0,'C');
$pdf->Cell(30 ,6,'Unit Price',1,0,'C');
$pdf->Cell(20 ,6,'Sales Tax',1,0,'C');
$pdf->Cell(25 ,6,'Total',1,1,'C');/*end of line*/
/*Heading Of the table end*/
    for ($i = 0; $i <= 10; $i++) {
		$pdf->Cell(10 ,6,$i,1,0);
		$pdf->Cell(80 ,6,'HP Laptop',1,0);
		$pdf->Cell(23 ,6,'1',1,0,'R');
		$pdf->Cell(30 ,6,'15000.00',1,0,'R');
		$pdf->Cell(20 ,6,'100.00',1,0,'R');
		$pdf->Cell(25 ,6,'15100.00',1,1,'R');

$pdf->Cell(118 ,6,'',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(25 ,6,'Subtotal',0,0);
$pdf->Cell(45 ,6,'151000.00',1,1,'R');



Run it yourself