Reasoning Aptitude Verbal GK Quiz

Aptitude Averages and Mixtures

Average is the sum of quantities divided by the number of those quantities. It is dividing the total equally for all.

Average = Sum of items /Number of items

Average lies between the least term and the highest term .

If each term is increased by 'K', then the average gets increased by 'K' (Same condition holds true for decreased, multiplied and divided)

For a number series with equal difference, the Average is the mean of first and last (or) the middle term if exists.

Average = F+L /2

Counting principle:

The number of times a quantity with a certain price is counted, those many times we need to multiply the price to get the total value.


When two quantities with different prices are mixed, we get a quantity with a price which lies between the prices of two quantities mixed.

By using Allegation rule, we can find out the ratio in which a cheaper price quantity is mixed with a higher price quantity to get a desired price quantity.

Quantity of cheaper price / Quantity of Higher price = Higher price -Mean price /Mean price-cheaper price