Wordpress links With Example

Link is a connection from one page to another page. Adding links to your pages or blog posts help you to connect to other pages.

How to add links in Wordpress

Follow the simple steps to Add links in WordPress.

Step (1) − Click on Pages → All Pages in WordPress admin panel.

Then you find the list of pages that you have created as shown as following screen.

Select any pages to add link inside.

Wordpress link Edit

Then you find a page like this.

Wordpress Pages Edit

Step (2) - Select any of the sentence or word where you want to add link.

After click on the Insert/Edit link symbol then the following pop window gets displayed.

Wordpress Pages Edit
  • URL − Enter URL you want to link.
  • Link text − Insert text you want to enter into the link.

After selecting the particular page or post from the list, the links get created in the URL field as seen in the preceding screen. Click on Add Link.

Step (3) − When you hover on the word Students then the link tooltip gets displayed as shown in the following screen.

Click update to update the page.