Verbal Ability One Word Substitutes Questions

Directions to Solve

In questions given below out of four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentence.

1. A person who insists on something

A. Disciplinarian

B. Stickler

C. Instantaneous

D. Boaster

Answer: Option B

2. A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge

A. Pedantic

B. Verbose

C. Pompous

D. Ornate

Answer: Option A

3. Leave or remove from a place considered dangerous

A. Evade

B. Evacuate

C. Avoid

D. Exterminate

Answer: Option B

4. A person pretending to be somebody he is not

A. Magician

B. Rogue

C. Liar

D. Imposter

Answer: Option D

One who possesses many talents

A. Versatile

B. Nubile

C. Exceptional

D. Gifted

Answer: Option A

Words inscribed on tomb

A. Epitome

B. Epistle

C. Epilogue

D. Epitaph

Answer: Option D

7. One who eats everything

A. Omnivorous

B. Omniscient

C. Irrestible

D. Insolvent

Answer: Option A

A remedy for all diseases

A. Stoic

B. Marvel

C. Panacea

D. Recompense

Answer: Option C

One who is not easily pleased by anything

A. Maiden

B. Mediaeval

C. Precarious

D. Fastidious

Answer: Option D

One who is fond of fighting

A. Bellicose

B. Aggressive

C. Belligerent

D. Militant

Answer: Option A