Ranking Questions With Answer

1) In a class, Divya is 19th from the left and 16th from the right. How many students are there in the class ?

A) 32
B) 33
C) 34
D) 35

Answer:C) 34

Explanation:As Divya is 19th from the left and 16th from the right, the total number of students are (19+16) -1=34

2) In a class of 50 students, Dicky is 22nd from the top, What is the bottom rank ?

A) 31
B) 30
C) 28
D) 29

Answer:D) 29

Explanation:Dicky is having the rank 22nd from the top in 50 number of students. So, below Dicky there are more 28 students .tehn the bottom rank should be 28+1=29.

3) In a group of 40 boys ,When Milan was shifted by four places toward the right, he became 12th from the left end.What was his earlier position from the right of the row ?

A) 33rd
B) 32nd
C) 31st
D) 30th

Answer:A) 33rd

Explanation:In a group of 40 members milan after shifting became 12th from the left, so before shifting the postion of milan is 8th from the left . the same position from right is (40-8) +1=33

4) Jerry and Nirmal are 6th from left 13th from right in a row respectively. When they interchange, Jerry becomes 20th from the left. How many people are there in all ?What is the new position of Nirmal from the right end ?

A) 33,27
B) 33,28
C) 32,27
D) 32,28

Answer:C) 32,27

Explanation:Nirmal is 13th from right means there are more 12 people in the right side , after taking the position of Nirmal, Jerry ‘s position from left is 20th so the total number of people is 20+12=32 . Nirmal’s position from left is 6 so nirmal’s position from the right end is ,(32-6)+1=27