Important Questions Regarding Clock

1.How many times do the hands of the clock coincide in a day?

A) 23
B) 48
C) 22
D) 24

Answer:C) 22

Explanation:Between 11 and 1 i.e at 12 o’clock, clock hands coincide 11times in every 12hours .

2.How many times in a day the hands of a clock will have 180degree ?

A) 20
B) 22
C) 19
D) 18

Answer: B) 22

Explanation:Between 5 and 7 i.e at 6 o’clock clock hands opposite 11times in every 12hours.

3.How many times do the hands of the clock at right angle in a day?

A) 22
B) 48
C) 44
D) 46

Answer:C) 44

Explanation:In 12hours both the hands are at right angled 22times.