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Download Login Management System in PHP


Project Details:

Login management system is developed to manage the details of Username, password, permission and authorization, Email of a specific portal. It deals with the credentials which are used to authenticate an user. This system includes Change password, Group management, Edit and Updating Personal details of a user etc. It's an easy way to get a track of valid and invalid users and through this portal you can get a report on authorized actions. You can get the improved results in resource management and group data. This application can increase your efficiency and performance in user management.

How to run the Project

  1. Download the Project.
  2. Unzip the project file and paste in the root directory of htdocs or www.
  3. Create a database.
  4. Import the sql file in your database.(sql file will be available inside the zip file).
  5. Open any Browser and run the URL : http://localhost/projectFoldername

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