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Current Affairs 08 November 2019

Q1. Who won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences 2019

Michael Kremer, Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo

Q2. Who has won the 'Miss Asia Global title 2019 ?

Sara Damjanovic

Q3. Which of the city will host the 11th edition of Bal Sangam organised by the National School of Drama?

New Delhi

Q4. How much percentage of India's economy will grow between 2020-2024 by OECD?


Q5. The largest naval exercise 'CARAT-2019' has started between Bangladesh and which country?


Q6. The central Govt is planning to invite the president of which country as the Chief Guest on the 2020 Republic Day Celebration?


Q7. eCAPA-2019- Art from the heart 'first-ever Arts Exposition for talents with intellectual challenges inaugurated by which state in India?

New Delhi

Q8. Which country will be next year the world's first country to make it compulsory for school children to study climate change ?


Q9. Who will be attended 15th meeting of Governing Council of SACEP in Dhaka?

Prakash Javedkar

Q10. Which country has began to leave the Paris climate Agreement?


Q11. Which city will be hosting 'Rising Himachal 2019 Global Investors'Summit?


Q12. Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) has announced the launch of 'Skill Build' platform in collaboration with whom?


Q13. Which country will be the partner country for the 50 international Film festival of India?


Q14. Which country will be hosting the 19th Indian Ocean Rim Association(IORA) Council of Minister meeting?

Abu Dhabi