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Current Affairs 02 November 2019

Q1. How many CEOs of Indian Origin are included in the 2019 list of world's best performing CEOs released by Harvard Business Review?

3 Indians

Q2. Which Bangladesh cricketer has recently been banned for two years by the ICC?

Shakib al hasan

Q3. "Ek bharat-Shreshtha Bharat" festival is being organized from 31st october?

New Delhi

Q4. Which Indian Airlines have carved the symbol of Sikhism 'An Onkar' on the tail of one of its aircraft?

Air India

Q5. A Fire erupted in the Shurijo Castle , a UNESCO World heritage site. It is located in which country?


Q6. What is the Capital and currency of japan

Tokyo and Yan

Q7. Who is the director general of UNESCO?

Audrey Azoulay

Q8. HeadQuarters of UNESCO ?

Paris, france

Q9. Which two countries have withdrawn from UNESCO?

USA, Israel

Q10. Angela Marker is a chancellor of which country


Q11. Which country listed top on World Bank ease of doing business?

A:New Zealand(top) India (63rd)

Q12. Under19 world cup will be held on which Country?

A:South Africa

Q13. Which country will be organized ICC 2023 world cup ?

A:India host

Q14. Women's World Cup 2021 will be held on which country?

A:New zealand

Q15. Who has been released Global Economic prospect Reports titled "Darkening Skies"

A:World Bank

Q16. Which country will be organized 2022 FIFA World cup?

A:Qatar In 2026 - Canada,USA, Mexico

Q17. In which country 35th ASEAN(Association of SouthEast Asian Nations ) summit has been started?

A: Thailand

Q18. HeadQuartered of ASEA summit?

A:Indonesia(Headquartered) member(10) India is not part of the summit

Q19. The India army and the Royal Thailand Army commenced a joint exercise Maitree in which place?

A:Umroi at Meghalaya

Q20. Which exercise will be held in December between India and China?

A:Hand in Hand

Q21. Who has been appointed as Ambassador of India to UAE?

A:Pavan kappor

Q22. Who is the Governor of GOA?

A: Satya Pal Malik

Q23. Who is the Governor of Mizoram

A:P Sreedhar Pilai

Q24. Who has been appointed as the director general of the international atomic energy agencies?

A:Rafael Grossi

Q25. The HeadQuarter of IAEA (INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY ) situated in which country?


Q26. What is the name of veteran CPI leader and former lok sabha member who has passed away recently?

A:Gurudas dasgupta

Q27. 38th edition of the sharjah international book fair 2019 was inaugurated by whom?

A: Sheikh dr sultan bin muhammad Al qasimi

Q28. Which country has been declared as guest of honor in the Sharjah International Book fair?

A: Mexico

Q29. Which state has become the first state in the country to enact a law on contract farming?

A:Tamil nadu

Q30. Who is the director of isro?

A: K Sivan

Q31. COP 25 climate summit will be held on which country?

A: Spanish

Q32. Who is prime minister of spanish?

A: Pedro Sanchez