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Current Affairs 01 November 2019

Q1. On which ground will the country's first day night test match be played between india and bangladesh ?

Eden Gardens stadium

Q2. Who is the prime minister of bangladesh?

Sheikh Hasina

Q3. The capital of bangladesh?


Q4. Who is the president and secretary of BCCI ?

Sourav Ganguli and Jai Shah

Q5. Which country has canceled the convening of COP25 and Asia pecific Economic Corporation(APEC) summit to be held there due to large scale of civil demonstration?


Q6. .On which day national unity day celebrated?

31st October(It started from 2014)

Q7. Who was sworn in as the first lieutenant governor of ladakh and Jammu Kashmir?

R.K marthur(Radha krishna Marthur) and Grish Chandra Mummu(G.C Mumu)

Q8. Which of the following city is the host for the third edition of 'Global Ayurveda Summit 2019'


Q9. Who has been chosen for 28th Vyas Samman for the year 2018?

Leeladhar Jagoori (For his poetry collection Jitne log utne prem)

Q10. Which former prime minister's death anniversary celebrated on 31st October?

Indira Gandhi

Q11. World cities day observed in which day?

31st October (The United Nations General Assembly has designated the 31st October as World Cities Day)

Q12. In october 2019, Ministry of Railway has signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with which of the following country?

Indian School Business(ISB)

Q13. What is the name of the cyclone that rose from the Arabian Sea, which has been announced to pass through Lakshadweep?


Q14. Who has won the presidential election in Argentina?

Alberto Fernadez

Q15. Recently the english version of the folk dance of which state was held in Abu Dhabi?


Q16. Nanammal who has been passed away recently, was awarded the padma shri in which year for the contribution for her efforts to make people lead a healthy life through Yoga.

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