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About Advertising

Advertising with Students Tutorial is an affordable way to promote your product and service while supporting the open sharing of education at the same time.

The following advertising options are available:

Text Links

Text links would be displayed at the bottom of left side navigation and right side on every tutorial page.

Lines Price Per Month
Additional Line up to 20 characters $20
1 Line up to 20 characters $30

Each text line can have different hyperlink. The text must fit in one line.

Graphical Ads

Ad Formats Est. Impressions Price Per Month
Custom Sidebar Button (160 × 100 pixels) 1 Lakh $50
Custom Top Banner (245 × 90 pixels) 1 Lakh $75
Rectangular Banner (300 × 250 pixels) 1 Lakh $80
Skyscraper (160 × 600 pixels) 1.5 Lakh $90
Leaderboard (728 × 90 pixels) 1.5 Lakh $100

How To Order If you are interested in advertising with Students Tutorial, Please email us at [email protected] with the details including duration and format of the advertisement.

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